greatly improving the safety of cargo transportation


Xintian China Energy uses urea granules produced by Sichuan Meifeng, the drafting unit of the national standard for urea for vehicles, as the raw material. Xintian China Energy's automotive urea products are produced using natural gas as raw materials, with high quality and stable quality. The technical indicators of the products are better than the national standards, and they have a good reputation in the domestic automotive urea industry.Anti-cross-selling exchangeThe high-precision dynamic weighing system can obtain the load status of the vehicle in real time, and the platform can give early warning of abnormal situations in time, greatly improving the safety of cargo transportation.Anti-overload managementReal-time monitoring of cargo weight can not only avoid fines and transshipment losses caused by overloading, but also optimize loading rate and reduce transportation costs caused by insufficient loading.force loss.Protect raw materialsImplement temperature management in real time to ensure that goods are transported within their temperature management range. Check the weather and natural conditions, equipped with waterproof and sunscreen protective tarpaulins.