The sales of urea products are mainly concentrated in China, and preliminary sales agreements have been reached with partner companies in Japan and South Korea. The sales network is based in Qingdao and covers various urban areas throughout the country. We have our own professional product research and development team, constantly meeting customer needs in projects such as improving product quality, saving production costs, and reducing usage risks. A sound supply and procurement management system ensures the quality of end products, and strictly plans, organizes, coordinates, and controls a series of processes such as procurement, storage, and supply to ensure the achievement of enterprise business objectives. Qingdao Dadi Energy Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong Xintian China Energy Sales Co., Ltd. have reached a strategic partnership, authorizing Qingdao Dadi Energy Co., Ltd. to produce and operate Xintian China Energy Sales Co., Ltd.'s vehicle urea, and using the "Xintian" China Energy logo and name to contribute to the defense of the blue sky of our motherland, making our country more beautiful and the environment healthier.

Urea 1000kg drum

Urea 1000kg drum

Urea 20kg barrel

Urea 20kg barrel

Urea 10kg drum

Urea 10kg drum

Introduction to usage specifications

Caution for refueling use:
◆When cleaning accessories related to urea, pure water must be used for flushing, and tap water must not be used;
◆Carbon steel, galvanized carbon steel, or cast iron materials shall not be used for contact with urea;
◆Metals or alloys that urea cannot come into contact with: copper, bronze, lead, zinc, aluminum, aluminum alloy, magnesium, magnesium alloy, solder (containing lead), tin;
◆During transportation and storage, avoid light and high temperatures. The transportation and storage temperatures should be between 5 ^ C and 25 ° C

Raw material advantage

Xintian China Energy uses urea particles produced by Sichuan Meifeng, the drafting unit of the national standard for automotive urea, as its raw materials. Xintian China Energy's urea products for vehicles are produced using natural gas as raw material, with high quality and stable quality. All technical indicators of the products are superior to national standards, and have a good reputation in the domestic automotive urea industry.

Principle demonstration

Automotive urea uses nine core technologies, including raw materials for raw liquid urine, full process sealed production, non heated dissolution, 8-channel membrane purification, Level 3 precision quality control, "19+1" detection, imported ultrafiltration technology from Germany, nano reduction technology, and self-cleaning activity factor, to effectively protect the SCR system and purify the pipeline, achieve the best atomization effect, improve conversion rate, and reduce the consumption of automotive urea solution and reduce usage costs; The original imported ultrafiltration system from Germany can effectively reduce condensation compounds such as biuret, polymer, and insoluble substances in the product, making it pure and non clogging, with more efficient reduction, and providing strong power to trucks; Nano reduction technology reduces intermolecular forces, effectively prevents polymer formation, protects the purity of the SCR system as new, and provides care for trucks.

Introduction to raw materials


Advantage of production technology

Production process flowchart of urea solution

Ultrapure water filtration
The purity of vehicle urine is an important indicator for distinguishing the quality of urea solution. The "super filtration system" used in this product uses Japanese high-tech materials to achieve nanoscale filtration of urea solution, with a filtration accuracy of 5-10 nanometers, which is about one hundred thousandth of the thickness of hair. It effectively filters extremely fine colloidal substances such as biuret, delays the formation of cyanuric acid crystals in the SCR system from the source, maintains the cleanliness of the SCR system pipes and nozzles, improves the atomization effect of urea solution, fully treats exhaust gas, and reduces the consumption of urine solution, Ensure strong engine power, save fuel and increase efficiency.
Fully automatic production equipment
This product is produced using an intelligent production line with a good automation foundation. It utilizes the MES operating system to achieve automated calculation, measurement, and feeding. It has a large production volume, high mixing efficiency, accurate filling weight, and fast packaging speed. The Internet of Things, intelligent manufacturing, and big data integration run through the entire production process, achieving intelligent production throughout the entire process from raw materials entering the tank to finished products leaving the warehouse.
Storage of Vehicle Urea
1. Strictly control the storage temperature to prevent adverse effects on the urea solution used in vehicles.
2. Strictly pay attention to the storage containers and filling equipment of vehicle urea solution to prevent chemical changes.
3. Strictly pay attention to the storage and cleanliness of the vehicle urea solution and the use environment, and operate in a closed manner.


High standard product production
From raw material transportation, production, sample testing, finished products, storage, production line, after-sales and other aspects, we strictly follow national standards.

The product must comply with national standards. The urea solution used in the National VI vehicle model must comply with the product standard of GB295182013;
The concentration of vehicle urea solution is 32.5%. If urea exceeding this concentration standard is used, the vehicle's urea system is prone to blockage. If it is below this concentration standard, it cannot effectively reduce the generation of nitrogen oxides in the exhaust;
The urea solvent must be ultrapure water. The so-called ultra pure water refers to the absence of any impurities or minerals in the water, and the more common type of pure water is distilled water.
Strictly comply with national standards and analyze samples during production and finished product stages to ensure quality compliance.
Experimental testing items:
1. GB/T 696-2008 Chemical Reagents Urea (Urea)
2. GB/T 2440-2017 Urea
3. GB/T 2441.1-2008 Determination of Urea Part 1: Total Nitrogen Content
4. GB/T 2441.2-2010 Method for the Determination of Urea Part 2: Biuret Content Spectrometric Method
5. GB/T 2441.3-2010 Method for the Determination of Urea Part 3: Karl Fischer Method for Moisture Content
6. GB/T 2441.4-2010 Method for the Determination of Urea - Part 4: Iron Content - Phenanthroline spectrophotometric Method
7. GB/T 2441.5-2010 Method for the Determination of Urea Part 5: Alkalinity Capacity Method
8. GB/T 2441.6-2010 Method for the Determination of Urea Part 6: Water Insoluble Matter Content Gravimetric Method
9. GB/T 2441.7-2010 Determination of Urea Part 7: Particle Size Sieving Method

Sound after-sales service

Xintian China Energy is based in Qingdao and radiates across the country, striving to establish 2000 dealers nationwide, covering over 10 million users. It aims to create a diversified and comprehensive refueling system that includes key roads, gas stations, and highway service areas in cities, counties, towns, and villages. This will usher in a new era of vehicle urea refueling, making urea solution refueling more convenient and cost-effective. And open new business for export orders from partner companies in Japan and South Korea.


Brand image support

During the contract period, the distributor has the right to use the brand of automotive urea and has the right to sell automotive urea brands within the scope specified in the contract. Their products must bear the headquarters trademark and other CI systems.


Free training support

The headquarters will assign training personnel to visit the frontline of the dealer market for on-site guidance and provide training on product knowledge, store operation processes, and sales skills, so that dealers and sales personnel can flexibly grasp and proficiently use them.


Product delivery support

During the customer's order period, a freight company uses a transportation system for delivery, and a comprehensive logistics distribution system is fast and convenient, ensuring the safe arrival of products.


Market operation support

For franchisees from different regions, the market research institution of the headquarters conducts in-depth research on the local industry market, customer groups, and consumption trends, providing favorable competitive protection for franchisees.


Information sharing support

Real time monitoring of national trends, understanding of urea industry trends, timely communication with dealers, information sharing, and accelerating the research and development of cutting-edge technologies and new fields of automotive urea.


Tracking service support

From the date of opening the store, the headquarters will continuously conduct telephone consultations, including sending professionals to inspect the store, investigate specific operational conditions, and provide post service.